Instructions for use:

Step 1: Clean your nails with the alcohol wipes.

Step 2: Protect your nails by applying the In Time Color smoothing base.

Step 3: Select the size that suits your nail and separate it from the rest.

Step 4: Remove the transparent protector.

Step 5: Separate the manicure with the help of the silver band.

Step 6: Peel off the manicure band.

Step 7: Place it on the nail that you had previously selected.

Step 8: Molded to the shape of your nail and cut off the excess.

Step 9: Gently file the edge of the manicure into the shape of the nail.

Step 10: To increase the duration you can apply a layer of protective gloss Reflections. If you prefer to achieve the maximum possible protection, you can use the In Time Color Quartz Gel gloss, the drying time is a bit longer, but you can speed it up if you have a UV Lamp.

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