I am Mª Fernanda

One more woman, like you.

I can affirm, without fear of being wrong, that all of us like to dedicate time to the really important and valuable things in life. Since I was a mother, I have had to prioritize the use of time, first of all, I value the moments with my family and friends.

"You cannot always do the same while waiting for a novel result."

You don't have to do too many statistics to realize the time we spend on our appearance, and many times we do not even achieve the finish or look we expected. With the arrival of the Covid all change, more time at home, new habits, many families experience a change in our way of living and seeing life. In time color was born from the idea of ​​trying to wear a manicure with a professional finish on a day-to-day basis or between home and routine activities.


Nail Polish that are not of the highest quality, and at a very high price, always end up falling; or they require a lot of time and specific lamps to be able to apply them properly. I don't go to the manicurist, I usually do my own nails myself, and with the cost, I couldn't afford to go as many times as I would like. It was at that moment that I thought how to solve the way to be able to wear a professional manicure without even knowing how to do it, I got down to work on creating and designing instant manicures.


This wonderful product is aimed at those people who want to wear a perfect manicure, regardless of the moment, all those who want to feel the satisfaction of wearing a large number of original designs and styles. Our commitment goes beyond a happy customer. We design and create trends that are only possible to carry out with the latest generation techniques and materials where we are continuously developing and testing new materials. Our manicures will last you at least 15 days with a little care, they are not affected by hand washing, nor use hydro-alcoholic gels, you will not depend on others to get a professional manicure.

It will be your perfect complement when you are traveling, wherever and whenever you want.

You will always get the same expected result, no more tedious appointments, no more long hours of waiting, to have a professional manicure.

Let In Time COLOR make every day a special day.